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If you like playing great adventures with great miniatures, Sword & Sorcery is “the” game for you – and you can never have enough miniatures! The Sword & Sorcery - Ancient Chronicles Minions add-on is used to replace the cardboard minion figures included in Ancient Chronicles and in Northwind Tales with 20 high quality plastic figures, in the same 30 mm scale as the figures representing Heroes and Enemies.
In this box you can find three different kinds of Minion miniatures: Venom, Nest, and Snow Gremlins.
The Nest is a new menace hiding in the darkest recesses of the Underreign. The insidious Nest can generate hordes of Venom against the Heroes: monstrous giant insects, with razor-sharp claws and poisonous jaws. Once they bite their prey, these monsters inject their lethal poison to weaken and potentially kill the helpless creature.
Even the Snow Gremlins are fearful and dangerous:
No matter how harsh the climate is, no matter how
many predators there are around, Gremlins always
find a way to survive! Snow Gremlins are distant
relatives of the Gremlins of Talon Coast, mutated
to adapt to the rigid climate of the Northern
Lands. Almost immune to cold thanks to their
thick fur, there's only one thing these creatures love
more than themselves... gold, and shiny objects! THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME.
You must own a copy of Sword & Sorcery - Ancient Chronicles
Core Set to play.

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